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Arbitration Court for Transport


About the Court

General information

Arbitration Court for Transport at the World Institute for Transport is an independent body specialised on dispute settlement in the area of transport and related activities (customs brokers` and freight forwarders` activities, storage and handling of goods, postal and courier services).

In accordance with its role of alternative specialized out-of-court form of dispute resolution, the Arbitration Court for Transport provides prompt and impartial settlement of disputes arising out of the legal relationship in transport and related activities, as well as other disputes submitted to the jurisdiction of the Arbitration Court for Transport.

Arbitration Court for Transport was created and is operating permanently at the World Institute for Transport according to the rules, being part of the Arbitration Code on Transport and Related activities, applicable to all the disputes submitted to the court`s jurisdiction in line with the arbitration agreement.

The activities of the Arbitration Court for Transport comply with the Constitution of Switzerland, internal legislation, legislation of the European Union and international conventions to which Switzerland is party. Arbitration Court for Transport has all necessary premises and equipment as well as competent personnel. 

The Arbitration Court for Transport consists of Board and Secretariat.

Avenue D'Ouchy 4, CP 1006 Lausanne, Switzerland